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I live in MT and AZ I purchased my truck in Idaho and drove it to Montana to title my truck I was the first owner of my truck and it was my first dodge product I always said id never own a dodge but the diesel truck I wanted was a ford but since fords diesel was a turd since 2002 to currant I decided to purchase this diesel the truck ran fine but had a few issues no big deal till I brought it to air park dodge in Scottsdale Arizona they had posted a recall for the front steering rod that ties both front wheels together they replaced the rod and were to do a toe in alignment which I was told was done then I had my moon roof fixed it made noise like it was jumping off track the other thing was the passenger seat belt would unlock with pressure applied so I was told they found nothing wrong with seat belt, even though I walked with service advisor to the truck locked seat belt and pulled on it and what do think happened it unlock she replied hum what's that is that what you meant then the moon roof went forward and back twice and then started to do the same ***.I said never again would they touch my truck I then took it to discount tire aka American tire to put new tires on the truck that were better than factory 4000 mile later I took it to tire store for a rotation and that's when I notice the tire on the front end tires were bald on the inside I found out that my truck was 32 times out of alignment on drivers side and thirty seven times out on passenger side I took it back to air park dodge and they said they did nothing wrong and I must of hit a curb I had kept tires old tire due to they only had 15000 mile on them and I went home got the old tire drove back to dealer and showed him the old tires and informed him what I would do to them if I did not get my tire replaced properly they then would not take call from factory rep regarding my truck and after several calls from rep they decided to give me a P.O to purchase tires from discount tire this all took four days .

I will tell you the whole time I was at the dealer and standing next to the service mangers office I never seen that kind of heat that he had to put up with what a *** dealer I would not let them wash my dog let alone to touch my truck ever again I now drive 45 miles to the highest dealer rated for service. I have a c350 Mercedes and never put up with this *** Benz has their *** down and my Benz was almost 25000. cheaper than my dodge. Dodge is a dog !

every time I have my Benz serviced I get a rental car and if you have a flat or battery issue they come to you fast and take care of it for free free free Mercedes was owned by Chrysler at one time WTF how can their be such a difference on service I don't get it.

my family work in the car business for forty years I never saw this issues with Ford or Chevy I was always informed with dodge back then that's why I never owned one and I know times have changed and products changed like chevy making cheap *** and ford making a poor diesel line on there trucks all I can tell you buyer be wear and do your home work before your buy always check the CSI ratings for dealers that's their report card to the factory on how they are doing with customers on sales and service.there are four recalls on my truck and I only have had one fix and am deciding on weather I'm going to do the buy back recall that's going on with ram now no wonder why the feds fined dodge 1 billion last year time to stop shoving *** down our throats its time to drive them back into the sea and never let them up for air

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