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I took my car into Dodge for an oil change at 7am.The shuttle took me to work and said his last run is at 3p.

So 12n came around and I called Dodge to see why they haven't called me. Joe says they havent done it yet. I called back at 3p, car still not done. 5pm when I got a ride from a co-worker -Joe says, we just finished.

I said where is the 23 point inspection paper? He says if there was something wrong they would have notified me, I said ok. I left, 2 days later the engine light comes on, I took it to auto zone and they said that I have a leak or a faulty gas cap. I purchased a gas cap.

Engine light went off and popped back on hours later. So I took my car back to Dodge and asked them what was wrong with my car because I just had it in here last week for an oil change and I did not get an inspection paper. So Joe says we will fix the leak and I will give you a free oil change. I said ok.

I paid about 172.00 for this leak. When I came to pick up my car this time, still no inspection paper, I asked Joe again, what is going on? He says everything is good no worries. So I left, another 2 days later the battery light popped on and the car died.

I purchased a new battery and it died. So I purchased an altenator and had the car towed to Dodge. By this time I am pissed and demanded to speak with the Mgr. - Daran the service mgr did not have time to see me at this time, so I told Joe that I need to know who dropped the ball on my car and he said the dude's name was David and that he quit the same day to be a cage fighter so he could only offer me a discount.

So I said ok again. A later and now it is time for the free oil change per Joe. So I dropped off on my way to work, 11am my car was ready. I went to pick up the car and still there was no inspection paper, so this time I demanded to see the service mgr.

- Daran the service mgr came out and asked me to step into his office - I told him what happened and while we were talking Joe comes in with an inspection paper that he filled out. I know it was incorrect because it stated the we needed a new air filter and I had just replaced it about two weeks ago. - Back to Daran, he says that he is sorry for the bad experience and tells me to have a nice day. I left and on my way back to work I called him and asked him if they could complimentary give me a fuel injection flush, he said yes.

So I dropped the car off again to get this service. This time the tech did the inspection the correct way. It says my filter is just fine, as I knew it would and it listed about 5-6 other problems. The inspection says that I have an exhaust leak.

Really, for how long? Why didn't they call me to see if I wanted them to fix it? I don't know what to think.

I want to know why I had to take my car into Dodge 4 times in one month and my issues with my car are still not resolved.I am kind of scared to take it back, who knows what they will say next.

Monetary Loss: $500.


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